Flynn and Smith building this chemistry through idiosyncratic phrases and their tug of gentle war chemistry creating sparks (and not) but by the end, it seemed like the beginning of a beautiful longer dance…
— The Dance Journal, 2018
A male-female duet by the Megan Flynn Dance Company explored a kind of quirky, wriggling and balletic formalism.
— thINKing DANCE, 2018
Flynn has a unique talent for crafting movement that tells a story. She doesn’t tell stories in a narrative sense, but rather communicates through an original language of bodies in motion. Flynn’s dances are sculptural, and she invents shapes that utilize her dancers’ entire physical frames.
— The Dance Journal, 2017
Amidst the restaurants, fish stands and ice cream kiosks, there was a marley full of magnificent dancing, reminding us that art strengthens community.
— The Dance Journal, 2016

“…this work evoked the way partners may struggle to maintain distinct “I” and “we” identities. Their movement evoked modern dance, and in one striking section they were illuminated by a spotlight as Smith lifted Flynn and then folded her body down to the floor as she brought her forearms together, folding in upon herself.” - Broad Street Review, 2018

“In this non-theatrical environment, with dancers and audience sharing the same space, the performance had a 3-dimensional quality that was alive and inviting.”- The Dance Journal, 2017.

"Sock or no socks, Megan Flynn flexed her choreographic muscle as she introduced her company to the Philadelphia Dance Scene." - Broad Street Review, 2015

"Always graceful, Flynn layered small, gestural details with expansive, full-bodied dancing. A beautiful mover, she was precise in her unique vocabulary she employed to tell this story of self-awakening." -The Dance Journal, 2015

"Lithe, liquid, and always in control, their limbs were like fishing poles — always reaching into the space, willing the audience to be hooked." - Broad Street Review, 2015

Photos: Caff Adeus (CVFFVDEUS)