Dances with Socks

An Evening of Solos, Duets and Small Group Works

Choreography: Megan Flynn, in collaboration with Sarah Braviak, Katrina Muffley, Randall Anthony Smith & Meredith Stapleton


Fringe in the Market, Reading Terminal Market, January 2016

Koresh Artist Showcase, Philadelphia, PA: November 2015

Three Queens Yoga (Former Dig Yoga), Philadelphia Fringe Festival: September 2015

Excerpts of “Dances with Socks” performed at the Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia, PA

Greener Pastures (2015)

Choreographer: Megan Flynn, in collaboration with the dancers

Performers: Sarah Braviak & Meredith Stapleton

Video: Koresh Artists' Showcase, Philadelphia, PA November 2015

“Stapleton and Braviak connected to explore new possibilities in ‘Greener Pastures.’ Their shifting of weight and inventive partnering were natural and grounded, a source of strength they created together." (Jane Fries, Philadelphia Dance Journal)


She is Standing (2015)

Choreographer: Megan Flynn, in collaboration with Sarah Braviak

Performer: Sarah Braviak

Video: Koresh Artists' Showcase, Philadelphia, PA November 2015

“a sinuous, sculptural solo“ (Jane Fries, Philadelphia Dance Journal)

“Clear and exact, Sarah Braviak drew lines on the floor with her extended leg after removing layers of clothing…Braviak played with the emotional undertones of the musical composition… while successfully interpreting Flynn’s sweeping choreography with specificity. (Gregory King,  Broad Street Review)


Piecework (2015)

Created & Performed by: Megan Flynn & Randall Anthony Smith

“Randall Anthony Smith was the perfect pairing for Flynn. Dancing amidst a terrain of socks, both had an eloquence that spoke the same classical language. Lithe, liquid, and always in control, their limbs were like fishing poles — always reaching into the space, willing the audience to be hooked.” (Gregory King, Broad Street Review)

Megan Flynn and Randall Anthony Smith…engaged in an arresting duet of sadness and loss. As they took turns leading and following, they gave each other support and comfort. In an evening of brief dance episodes, ‘Piecework’ left the audience wishing to see much more of this pair.”  (Jane Fries, Philadelphia Dance Journal)


What Fits in a Fishbowl (2015)

Choreographer: Megan Flynn, in collaboration with Meredith Stapleton

Performer: Meredith Stapleton

“Meredith Stapleton was beautifully quirky… Playful and spirited, she sauntered through space performing quick, jerky movements that casually mimicked the antique scratchy sound of the recording. These twitches were sometimes followed by frames of stillness that made you appreciate Stapleton’s presence and Flynn’s nuanced choreography.” (Gregory King, Broad Street Review) 

“Wearing a bright-blue party dress, she evoked a sense of glamour on the surface, yet the cracks in her facade were beginning to show.” (Jane Fries, Philadelphia Dance Journal)


When I was five... (2015)*

Choreographic Direction: Megan Flynn, created in collaboration with Katrina Muffley

Dancer: Katrina Muffley

"Katrina Muffley was captivating and intentional. She had a shy demeanor, but her dancing was anything but shy. She was poetic in each step, and her poetry came alive when she moved. The floor was her friend, and she embodied Flynn’s choreography with a familiar ease that left me satisfied." -(Gregory King, Broad Street Review)

"Katrina Muffley remembered her growth as a dancer and innermost fear of failing as an artist." -(Jane Fries, Philadelphia Dance Journal)

When I was five (2012)  first premiered in Megan Flynn's MFA Thesis Concert, In my Memory... ,  at the xMPL Theater, UC Irvine.


To the Ends (2015)

Choreographer: Megan Flynn

Performer: Megan Flynn

“Flynn shared a portrait of a woman connecting the threads of her life carefully, punctuated by moments of resolve when she seemed to take a risk and erupt into her fully-fledged identity as a dancer…. Her solo highlighted the disciplined craftswomanship that characterized the evening of dancing as a whole.” (Jane Fries, Philadelphia Dance Journal)


Photos: Bill Hebert